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Watermill Sofa by Barclay Butera from reliable online store to save money. 5 Easy Tips to Buying Watermill Sofa by Barclay Butera Online [ Aug 2019 ] Free Shipping .

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Watermill Sofa by Barclay Butera 

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Customer reviews: Watermill Sofa by Barclay Butera



August 18, 2019


Great size for our space! Very convenient to collect.

August 18, 2019


Took 2 deliveries to get the suitable but great piece to the price

August 18, 2019


Perfect for small spaces and will go with any decor  read more 

August 18, 2019


It’s junk. It comes in four pieces. The cushions aren’t cushions, they’re one piece. The back of the sofa is a thin part of fabric. It’s hard... it’s a waste if money. Better to just get a futon. Huge disappointment. Don’t be fooled by the pictures and positive reviews. It’s bad....Read More  read more 

August 18, 2019


I was very impressed with the packing. The instructions were extremely simple, and although instructions came with a warning that you can have 2 different people for assembly, I was able to do it without any help. Assembly was very easy and took me fewer than half 1 hour. I think it actually involved longer to unpack and organize the pieces laptop or computer did to set them together. I have my doubts in regards to the life-span with this couch - the type of material seem fairly cheap - an read more 



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